High performance scientific CCD camera

Scientific CCD camera has the following advantages:scientific CCD detector ,vacuum cooling mode, quantum efficiency up to 90%, wide spectral range, ultra-low readout noise, dark current noise, large full well capacity and high sampling depth. It can be used in particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and biochemical weak light imaging.

High performance scientific CMOS camera

Compared with scientific CCD detector, scientific CMOS detector has higher frame rate and lower noise. With the development of backlight processing technology, its quantum efficiency has been greatly improved. In some chips and bands, its quantum efficiency is even close to or higher than that of CCD detector. It can be used in astronomical imaging, particle physics experiments, fast moving target imaging and other fields. 

Soft X-ray series camera

Soft X-ray camera is assembled with CMOS back illuminated image sensor with high resolution, fast frame rate and ultra-low readout noise. In the soft X-ray band, the quantum efficiency of 80ev to 1000ev is close to 100%, and the quantum efficiency exceeds 90% in the range of 1.24-12.4nm. It is mainly used in biology and Life Sciences, spectroscopy, imaging and tomography, material research, energy engineering and other fields.

Infrared series cameras




The infrared series camera uses HgCdTe as the detector, with low noise and low dark current performance. The average quantum efficiency at the wavelength of 1 um to 2.5 um is greater than or equal to 70%. The camera adopts vacuum sealing and Stirling refrigerator cooling technology, which can keep the working temperature of the detector below 80K.

Near infrared skylight background measuring instrument




The InGaAs point source detector is selected as the detection element, and the chopper is used to modulate the weak infrared signal to reduce the 1 / f noise of the detector and the environment. It has the advantages of high calculation accuracy, flexible application, simple implementation and small amount of calculation. It can scan and monitor the whole sky area continuously and quickly.


Blackbody radiation source is the reference for infrared measurement. With the rapid development of infrared technology, infrared remote sensing, detection and imaging technology has been more and more widely used, which puts forward higher requirements for calibration accuracy and resolution, so the application of blackbody is more and more widely.


Remote automatic control system of telescope

Telescope remote automatic control system (RACS) is a remote automatic control system designed for debris observation, near earth target observation, astronomical observation and other telescopes. In particular, space debris observation telescopes need to be deployed all over the world to establish a large-area, large-scale, continuous monitoring space target and debris monitoring system.

Measurement Services

The PixelX is equipped with large-scale industrial non-contact image measuring instrument and various high-performance spectral chroma sensors with different measuring ranges. Provide high-precision non-contact measurement services, three-dimensional visualization of measurement results and evaluation reports, bring immeasurable value and high-precision measurement guarantee for your production detection.