Company Profile

             PixelX is a high-tech industry focusing on the research and development of photoelectric measurement instruments. The company originated from the University of science and technology of China, and is oriented to the needs of photoelectric measurement and imaging. After years of dedicated research, it has completed the research and development of a number of scientific cameras and infrared low light level detection systems for weak photoelectric signal detection, including astronomical observation, Bioluminescence detection, quantum imaging, etc; For large, medium and small scientific instruments and equipment, develop special remote automatic intelligent control system, especially for large-scale equipment and field work equipment.


Business direction

        The company's business scope includes: computer hardware and software, scientific instrument and equipment research and development, design, development, sales and technical consultation; electronic products, devices and components research and development, sales and services; information system consultation, design and research and development; computer system integration ; Analytical equipment, optical equipment, mechanical equipment, instrument equipment, instrumentation research and development, sales and consulting.