Product introduction:

        PX4M11XV camera is assembled with 2K x 2K soft X-ray band CMOS back illuminated image sensor with high resolution and fast frame rate. The camera adopts vacuum sealing design, which is suitable for vacuum environment. Using multi-channel readout technology, the image output frame rate can reach more than 40fps. With the low noise electronics design, the ultra-low readout noise of 1.6 electrons can be realized. PX4M11XV has an ultra-high quantum efficiency of nearly 100% in the soft X-ray band of 80eV to 1000eV, and the quantum efficiency exceeds 90% in the range of 1.24nm to 12.4nm. In addition, the camera adopts water cooling and heat dissipation, which has excellent low-temperature refrigeration performance.

Related characteristics:        

               1. The typical size is 22.5mm (W) x 22.5mm (H)

               2. The effective pixel is 2048 x 2048

               3. The pixel size is 11 μ m x 11 μ m

               4. Readout characteristics: readout speed, 16bit,24 fps@HDR ;12bit,48 fps@STD ; The readout noise is less than 1.6e-

               5. Refrigeration performance: The refrigeration temperature is above 30 ° C lower than the ambient temperature

               6. Size: The camera size is 100mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 150mm (H)

Technical parameters

Camera category Soft X-ray CMOS camera
Typical size 22.5mm(H) × 22.5mm(W)
Effective pixel 2048 x 2048
Pixel size 11μm × 11μm
Full well capacity >91Ke-
Readout speed 16bit,24 fps@HDR;12bit,48 fps@STD
Readout noise 1.6e-(typical)
Dark current <0.2e-/pixel/s @-50℃
shutter Roller shutter
Data interaction interface USB 3.0、Optical fiber interface
Cooling capacity Above 30 ℃ lower than ambient temperature
Working temperature  0℃ ~ 50℃,10-7torr high vacuum environment
Optical interface

One is that the detector is directly exposed to vacuum with protective window;

The other is that the whole camera is in vacuum

Heat dissipation mode water cooling
Trigger mode Internal, external (TTL input)
Camera size 100mm(L) × 80mm(W) × 150mm(H)
Operating system Windows、Linux
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