Product introduction:

            PX2020 is a refrigeration camera developed by Anhui PixelX Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The camera is assembled with 2K x 2K scientific CMOS image sensor, which has the characteristics of high resolution and fast frame rate. It integrates 12 bit and 11 bit ADC, and can synthesize 16 bit HDR. It adopts multi-channel readout technology, and the image output frame rate can reach more than 40fps. With low noise electronics design, it can realize ultra-low readout noise of 1.6 electrons. The maximum quantum effect can reach 95%. In addition, the camera adopts water cooling, which has excellent cooling performance.

Related characteristics:          

                1. The typical size is 13.3mm (H) × 13.3mm(V)

                2. The effective pixel is 2048 x 2048

                3. The pixel size is 6.5 μm x 6.5 μm

                4. Readout characteristics: readout speed: 43fps@12bit , 74fps@11bit , readout noise 1.6e-

                5. Refrigeration performance: the refrigeration temperature is more than 40 ° C lower than the ambient temperature

                6. Size: the camera size is 95mm × 100mm × 155mm

Technical parameters:

Camera category Scientific CMOS
Typical size 13.3mm(H) × 13.3mm(V)
Effective pixel area 2048x 2048
Pixel size 6.5μm × 6.5μm
Shutter type Rolling Shutter/Global Reset
Full well capacity 55Ke-
Dynamic range 90.5dB
Quantum efficiency



Readout speed  43fps @12bit; 74 fps @11bit
Readout noise  1.6e- @12bit; 1.6e- @11bit; 1.2e- @2-CMS
Dark current 106e-/s/pix @40°C, 0.07e-/s/pix @ -30°C
Data interaction interface USB 3.0, Optical fiber interface
Cooling capacity Above 40 ℃ lower than ambient temperature
Working temperature  -30℃ ~ +40℃
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling and water cooling
Camera size 95mm×100mm×155mm
Operating system Windows, Linux
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