Product introduction:

      H band Near-infrared Sky Background Measurement Instrument (NIRBM) was jointly developed by Anhui Pixel Optical Measurement Technology Co., LTD and University of Science and Technology of China. The measuring instrument system consists of optics, structure, electronic control, detector, readout electronics and software control. This product adopts InGaAs detector with cut-off wavelength of 2.05um, uses chopper to modulate weak infrared signal to reduce detector and environmental noise, and uses digital phase-locked amplifier to obtain data, which has the advantages of low noise and high calculation accuracy. In addition, the measuring instrument is equipped with semiconductor refrigeration (TEC), chopper, mirror, mirror can be from 0 ~ 180 ° rotation.                                                                                                         At the same time, this product is equipped with a set of remote automatic control software system based on EPICS and WEB. By communicating with the serial port of STM32 microcontroller, the upper computer controls each hardware module of the device. Based on Web technology, the web page integrates device control, state acquisition, data analysis, alarm display and other functions, constituting an unattended near-infrared sky background measurement system. Main applications: astronomical site survey.

Characteristic advantage:

         1.TEC and detector integrated package, low power consumption

         2.Aluminum structure and chopper surface blackening treatment to prevent optical interference

         3.In extremely cold temperature and harsh field operation, low temperature resistance, stable and reliable equipment         

         4.Provide remote interface and man-machine interaction control interface, unsupervised detection       

         5.Supports Windows and Linux operating systems, providing friendly cross-platform compatibility

Product parameters:


H band

The pupil diameter

22.0 mm

f / #


Viewing Angle

3.5 deg

Solid Angle

1.25×108arc sec2

Center wavelength of filter


Filter half width height


Filter transmittance


Pixelx size

2 mm

Detector responsivity

~1.12 A/W

Detector operating temperature

-20℃ (The second order TEC)

Flow response

70.0µJy arcsec-2/pA


H Transmittance curve of band filter: