Product introduction:

            PXIR-MCT20 is a new generation infrared series camera of Anhui pixel optical measurement technology Co., Ltd. The camera is assembled with a 640 x 512 HgCdTe detector with low noise and low dark current performance. The average quantum efficiency at the wavelength of 1 um to 2.0 um is greater than or equal to 60%. The camera adopts vacuum sealing and Stirling refrigerator cooling technology, which can keep the working temperature of the detector below 80K. The camera dark current is less than 20 electrons, the average quantum efficiency is more than 60%, and the readout noise is less than or equal to 55 electrons. Users can use the provided software development kit (SDK) for secondary development, or use the provided control software to use the camera.

Related characteristics:        

              1. The typical size is 640 (W) x 512 (H)

              2. The pixel size is 15 μ m x 15 μ m

              3. Readout characteristics:  the typical readout speed is 500KHz,, readout noise is lower than 55e-

              4. Working temperature of detector: less than or equal to 80K, cooled by refrigerator

              5. Quantum efficiency: the average quantum efficiency is greater than or equal to 60%

Technical parameters

Camera category  Infrared camera
Sensor type HgCdTe
Typical size 640(W) × 512(H)
Pixel size 15μm × 15μm
Wavelength range 1 ~ 2.0um
Full well capacity 30Ke-@HG,70Ke-@LG
Quantum efficiency Average quantum efficiency≥60%
Detector operating temperature ≤80K(Cooling by refrigerator)
Depth 16bit
Dark current ≤20e-/pix/s
Readout noise ≤55e-
Readout speed Typical value is 500KHz
Data interaction interface USB 2.0 or Optical fiber interface
Working temperature -40℃~+50℃
Operating system Windows、Linux
Camera weight 3kg
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