Product introduction:

      PXIR-IGA-M1KDC is a new generation of infrared series camera of Anhui Pixel Optical Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. This camera uses 1280 x 1024 InGaAs detector,It has low noise, low dark current performance, and the average quantum efficiency of 1 um to 1.7 um is greater than or equal to 60%. The camera adopts vacuum sealing and Stirling refrigeration technology to keep the working temperature of the detector below 150K. The dark current of the camera is less than 100 electrons, the average quantum efficiency is more than 60%, and the readout noise is less than or equal to 50 electrons. Users can use the provided software development kit (SDK) for secondary development, or use the provided control software to achieve camera parameter settings, status reading, image acquisition and saving.

Related characteristics:

         1. Typical dimensions are 1280(W) x 1024(V)

         2. Pixel size is 15μm x 15μm

         3. Reading characteristics: reading noise is less than or equal to 50e-          

         4. Working temperature of detector: ≤ 150k, using Stirling refrigeration technology

         5. Quantum efficiency: the average quantum efficiency is greater than or equal to 60%, including the average quantum efficiency within 1-1.35 microns>70%

Technical parameter

Camera category Infrared camera
Sensor type InGaAs
Typical dimensions 1280(W) × 1024(V),by 640x512 single chip 2x2 splicing
Effective imaging area 294square millimetre
Splicing gap ≤7 mm(Imaging area between chips)
Focal surface flatness ≤20um RMS
Pixel size and full well capacity 15μm × 15μm;full well capacity>40Ke-
Wavelength range 1 ~ 1.7um
Filter Astronomical J-band: half bandwidth range: 1100 – 1350 nm, band-pass transmittance ≥ 90%, 700 – 1900 nm out of band cutoff ≥ OD4, and filter can cover all detector ranges
Quantum efficiency Average quantum efficiency ≥ 60%, wherein the average quantum efficiency within 1-1.35 μm>70%
Read out noise and dark current ≤50e-, ≤100e-/pix/s
Available pixel scale ≥99.5%
Pixel corresponding non-uniformity ≤5%
Data format and interface Format: 16 bit FITS chart; Interface: USB 2.0, optical fiber or camera link
Camera power consumption 100W
Operating software and development library Support Windows and Linux system SDK, provide graphical interface, and support remote control