Product introduction:

      PXIR-MD-640 is a medium wave infrared camera developed by Anhui Pixel Optical Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. It uses a 640 x 512 HgCdTe detector with low noise and low dark current performance at a wavelength of 3.7 μm - 4.8 μm The average quantum efficiency of m is greater than or equal to 60%. The camera adopts vacuum sealing and Stirling refrigerator cooling technology to maintain the working temperature of the detector at 80K. The NETD of the camera is less than 20mK, which is suitable for defect detection of various metal materials, composite materials, etc. Users can use the provided software development kit (SDK) for secondary development, or use the provided control software to use the camera. It can cooperate with corresponding excitation sources for active mode detection.

Related characteristics:

        1. Medium wave infrared

        2. Stirling deep cooling

        3. Low noise technology

        4. 16bit high-resolution mode

Technical parameter:


Medium wave infrared camera

sensor type


Array size

640(W) × 512(H)

pixel size

15μm × 15μm

wavelength range

3.7 μm - 4.8 μm


< 20mK

quantum efficiency

Average quantum efficiency≥60%

Detector operating temperature

80K(Using a refrigeration mechanism for cooling)



Reading speed

50fps -100fps

Data interaction interface

USB 3.0 or optical fiber

work environment  -40℃~+50℃
 operating system  Windows、Linux