PXE4720 camera adopts ultra-high quantum efficiency back illuminated frame transfer CCD chip, which has the characteristics of low noise and high response sensitivity. The camera uses ultra-high vacuum cavity with semiconductor refrigeration device, which has good cooling effect and effectively reduces the impact of CCD dark current on imaging. The whole camera system is highly integrated and miniaturized. The communication interface uses USB and optical fiber to transmit data. With professional imaging software, it can meet the needs of various transmission distances and operating systems. The camera can be used in astronomical imaging and other scenes with low illumination and low imaging noise.

Related characteristics:

         1. The typical size is 13.312mm (H) × 13.312mm(V).

       2. The effective pixel is 1024 (H) × 1024(V).

       3. Frame transfer operation can work without external shutter.

       4. The readout speed is 800KHz, and the readout noise is as low as 4 electrons at 100kHz.

       5. Adopt multi-stage TEC vacuum refrigeration scheme, with air-cooled and water-cooled options.

       6. It can be used in low temperature environment and has good stability at - 80 ° C.

Technical parameters:

Camera category Scientific Grade CCD
Typical size 13.312mm(H) × 13.312mm(V)
Effective pixel area 1024(H) × 1024(V)
Pixel size 13µm × 13µm
Full well capacity  120 Ke-
Quantum efficiency


Readout speed 100KHz、500KHz、800KHz
Readout noise < 4e- @100KHz;< 8e- @500KHz
Dark current < 0.01 e-/pixel/s @-80℃
Data interaction interface USB2.0、Optical fiber
Cooling capacity TEC refrigeration,-60~-80℃
Working temperature -40℃ ~ +45℃
Packaging technology  Vacuum packaging
Heat dissipation mode Efficient heat dissipation of water cooling, air cooling 
Camera size 174mm × 122mm × 92mm
Operating system Windows、Linux
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