High performance scientific CCD camera

            Due to the use of scientific CCD detector and vacuum cooling mode, scientific CCD camera has the advantages of quantum efficiency of more than 90%, wide spectrum range, ultra-low readout noise and dark current noise, large full well capacity, and high sampling depth, which can be applied in particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, biochemistry weak light imaging and other professional fields.

        The scientific CCD series cameras produced by our company are small, practical and high-performance. Their performance reaches the leading level of similar cameras at home and abroad. The refrigeration structure developed with dead vacuum technology can ensure the long-term excellent refrigeration performance of the camera. The company has developed a low-temperature version of the camera suitable for low-temperature extreme environment, in order to meet the use of special working environment in Antarctica. According to customers' requirements, the company can provide additional camera hardware and software functions, as well as customization based on various image acceleration algorithms in the camera.



E4720 is suitable for ultra-low noise readout in Antarctic extreme environment, and can work normally at - 80 ℃.


4K×4K Series

The 4K x 4K series camera is assembled with a large area scientific CCD sensor with 4K x 4K pixels, back illuminated structure, and the quantum efficiency is more than 90% (500nm-650nm band).






E290-99 camera is assembled with 9K x 9K pixel CCD sensor, with 10um pixel size, back illuminated structure, and quantum efficiency above 90% (500nm-650nm band).