Product introduction:

        The PX455 camera is assembled with a 9K x 6K scientific CMOS image back illuminated sensor, which has a high resolution of 61.04 Mp and integrates 16 bit ADC on chip. Compared with 12 bit and 14 bit ADC, 16 bit ADC has higher sampling resolution. In addition, the camera supports a variety of readout modes, such as ROI mode and Binning mode. The camera is designed with low noise electronics, which can achieve ultra-low noise of no more than 4 electrons; With SLVS-EC data interface, the frame rate can be over 5 FPS; Air cooling and water cooling are adopted to cool the sensor to 25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. In addition, the data interaction interface adopts USB3.0 and optical fiber interface, and the transmission rate of the optical fiber can reach 10 Gbits/sec. The unique performance of PX455 scientific CMOS camera makes it very suitable for low earth orbit target observation, high-energy time-domain astronomy, wavefront sensor and other fields.

Related characteristics:     

               1. The typical Size is 36 mm (H) × 24mm(V)

               2. The effective pixel is 9568 (H) × 6380(V)=61.04Mp

               3. The pixel size is 3.76 μm(H) × 3.76 μm(V)

               4. Readout characteristics: readout speed is greater than 5fps / s, readout noise is not greater than 4e-

               5. Refrigeration performance: the refrigeration temperature is 25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature

               6. Size: camera size is 160.15mm (H) × 100mm(L) × 100mm(W)

Technical parameters:

Camera category  Scientific CMOS
Typical size  Full Frame 36mm × 24mm
Effective pixel area 9568(H)×6380(V)=61.04Mp
Pixel size 3.76μm(H) × 3.76μm(V)
Full well capacity  52ke- @16bit,PGA=0
Readout speed

Image accumulation mode: 8fps@14bit;3fps@16bit

Normal mode:5fps@14bit;3fps@16bit

Readout noise 3.75e- @16bit,PGA=0
Dark current 0.056e-/pixel/s@0℃
Data interaction interface USB3.0、optical fiber interface(10 Gbits/sec)
Cooling capacity 25 ℃ lower than ambient temperature(air-cooling)
Storage temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃
Working temperature  -30℃ ~ +50℃
Heat dissipation mode  Air cooling or Water cooling
Camera size 160.15mm(H) × 100mm(L) × 100mm(W)
Camera weight 2.29Kg(water-cooling)、1.87Kg(air-cooling)
Operating system  Windows、Linux
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