Product introduction:

      The PXE290 camera adopts a large area scientific CCD sensor with 9K x 9K pixels. The pixel size is 10 μm, and adopting the back illuminated structure. The quantum efficiency is more than 90% (500nm-650nm band). At the same time, the deep depletion NIR enhancement option is available, and the peak QE is more than 95%. With 16 readout channels, the maximum readout noise is less than 15 electrons. The camera adopts vacuum sealing technology and refrigeration mechanism, which can be cooled to - 100 ℃ with extremely low readout noise and dark current noise. Applications include: Astronomical optical band imaging, particle physics imaging, etc.

Related characteristics:     

             1. The typical size is 92.16 mm(H) × 92.32 mm(V)

             2. The effective pixel is 9216 (H) x 9232 (V)

             3. The pixel size is 10 μ m × 10 μ m

             4. The readout speed is 3 MHz

             5. Refrigeration performance: the refrigerator is cooled to - 100 ℃

Technical parameters:

Camera category  Scientific CCD
Typical size 92.16mm × 92.32mm
Effective pixel 9216(H)x 9232(V)
Pixel size 10μm × 10μm
Full well capacity 90Ke-
Quantum efficiency

Maximum readout speed 500KHz, 1MHz, 2MHz
Readout noise <5e-rms @500kHz, 6e-@1M, 9e-@2M, 13e- @2.7M
Dark current 4 e-/pixel/hour @-100℃
Data interaction interface USB3.0、Optical fiber interface
Cooling capacity Cooling to -100℃
Working temperature -40℃ ~ +40℃
Packaging technology Vacuum seal
Operating system  Windows、Linux
other Multiple readout modes
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