Product introduction:

      PX6060 camera is assembled with 6K x 6K CMOS image sensor with large field of view and high resolution. The quantum efficiency can reach 70%. And the photosensitive spectrum is extended to X-ray. Using multi-channel readout technology, the image output frame rate can reach more than 10fps. With the design of low noise electronics, it can achieve the maximum readout noise of 4.6 electrons. The unique performance of PX6060 scientific CMOS camera makes it very suitable for low earth orbit target observation, high-energy time-domain astronomy, wavefront sensor and other fields. In addition, PX6060 is also assembled with air cooling and water cooling, which has excellent low-temperature refrigeration performance. At the same time, combined with GPS, the exposure time can be accurately measured, and the measurement accuracy can reach 10 μs.

Related characteristics:     

              1. The size of image sensor is 61.44mm (H) × 61.44mm(V)

              2. The effective pixel is 6144 × 6144

              3. The pixel size is 10 μm × 10 μm

              4. The readout noise is 4.6e-

              5. Refrigeration performance: the refrigeration temperature is above 40 ° C lower than the ambient temperature

              6. Size: camera size is 122mm (L) × Φ 180mm

Technical parameters:

Camera category 

Scientific CMOS

Image sensor size 61.44mm(H) × 61.44mm(V)
Effective pixel area 6144×6144
Pixel size 10μm × 10μm
Full well capacity

128 ke-(FSI)、 95 ke-(BSI) 

Quantum efficiency

Readout speed 13 fps @12-bit STD; 10 fps @12-bit HDR;11 fps @14-bit STD
Readout noise

4.6 e-(FSI)、3 e-(BSI)

Dark current

<0.01 e-/pixel/sec @ -65°C;<35 e-/pixel/sec @ 25°C(FSI)

0.02 e-/pixel/sec @ -55°C;20 e-/pixel/sec @ 25°C(BSI)

Data interaction interface USB 3.0、Optical fiber interface
Cooling capacity Above 40 ℃ lower than ambient temperature
Working temperature (industrial level) -40℃ ~ +40℃
Operating temperature (commercial grade) 0℃ ~ +40℃
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling 、water cooling
Camera size 122mm(L) × Φ180mm
Operating system  Windows、Linux
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