Measurement Services



           The PixelX is equipped with a large industrial-grade non-contact image measuring instrument and a variety of high-performance spectral confocal displacement sensors with different ranges (Chromatic Confocal Sensor). It can provide high-precision non-contact measurement services and 3D visualized measurement results and evaluation reports, bringing unevaluable value and high-precision measurement guarantee to your production testing.

           The unique lighting technology of multi-functional lighting system image measuring instrument has the ability of program control, which can display complex workpiece images, including prism or cylindrical workpiece. The XYZ platform is controlled by precision mechanical bearing driven by DC servo motor, and the strong bridge structure ensures the fast, smooth and efficient movement of the measurement platform. Even when the platform moves rapidly, it can still ensure the good positioning accuracy.

           Spectral confocal sensor can easily measure objects of any material, such as metal, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, plastics, fabrics, etc. And there are no special requirements for the color and finish of the surface of the object to be measured. No matter what the color, the surface of the object is diffuse or specular, even the mirror surfaces.

Measurement services


BGA package measurement Gold wire measurement of detector
Surface profile Chip bonding wire inspection
Warpage measurement of circuit board Flatness measurement of mirror and flat crystal


Measuring Equipment


SmartScope® CNC 500 STIL Spectral Confocal Sensor KEYENCE color laser coaxial displacement meter
  • Measurement Range (XYZ): 500x 450x200 mm (extended y-axis, 610mm; extended z-axis, 300 or 400mm)
  • Resolution of grating ruler:0.5µm
  • Measurement system size (LWH): 114 x 120 x 153 cm, 960kg
  • Worktable: nickel plated platform with fixture hole, removable flat glass, 65kg bearing capacity
  • Image processing: 10:1 pixel resolution, 256 gray level
  • Measurement Frequency: up to 2KHz
  • CCD photodetector, with very high signal-to-noise ratio
  • 2-channel and 4-channel, multi-channel models are available (transmission time < 400ms)
  • Up to 20 different optical pens can be interchanged on the same controller
  • Wide measurement range (100 μm - 20 μm)
  • Ultra small, light weight: only 8mm in diameter, small space can also achieve non-contact measurement
  • The ability of corresponding surface, pit and height difference is strong: ultra high brightness color light source is adopted, which can measure large range and high precision; Wide measuring range and high precision in the whole field. It can also measure the surface and tilt of transparent and mirror body with high precision
  • High precision of unlimited materials: without selecting materials, a sensor probe can achieve high-precision measurement, even if the materials are mixed, stable high-precision measurement can be carried out
  • For the more complicated "measurement of the thickness of two heads", it is also necessary; simple setting and high precision measurement