Product introduction

            Blackbody radiation source is the benchmark to realize infrared measurement. With the rapid development of infrared technology, infrared remote sensing, detection and imaging technology have been more and more widely used, and put forward high requirements for calibration accuracy and resolution, so the application of blackbody is more and more extensive. With the development of infrared detection technology, the lower limit of radiation temperature measurement is extended to - 50 ° C or even lower. The blackbody of low temperature non-point source is small and easy to carry. It is not only suitable for laboratory calibration, but also for field calibration. In view of the extremely low temperature environment, the company has developed a low temperature surface source blackbody, which can be used for calibration and verification in extremely low temperature environment. This product adopts silicone rubber heating plate as heating plate and four wire platinum resistance PT100 as temperature sensor. The blackbody adopts the structure of V-groove radiation surface and protective sleeve, which can protect the emission surface and further improve the emissivity. It has excellent thermal insulation and waterproof performance, reduces the working power and enhances its outdoor performance. When the temperature is higher than 60 ℃, the power is only 29w. Users can increase or limit the heating power according to the specific needs. The maximum output power of blackbody is 70W.


Characteristics and advantages

characteristics  advantages
Large radiation source With a large radiation source, it can provide a larger field of view
Extremely low temperature resistant It can start and work stably in extremely low temperature environment
Low power consumption with excellent heat preservation measures, greatly reducing the working power
Adjustable power Users can use according to their needs
High emissivity  It has very high emissivity
High temperature accuracy  It has high temperature stability and high temperature uniformity
Portable structure  Small volume, light weight, easy to use

Technical Parameters

Equipment category Industrial large surface source low temperature blackbody
Effective radiation area (mm); Φ80
Surface emissivity; 0.94
Operating temperature range - 60 ℃ - 80 ℃ (maximum 70 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature)
Surface temperature uniformity 0.006℃
PID temperature control accuracy 0.007℃
Stabilization time 100s after reaching the target temperature
Working voltage DC24V
Maximum power 75W
Data interaction interface  RS422 ,9600 baud rate, 8bit data bit, 1bit stop bit
Blackbody size (mm) 144(W) × 144(L) ×148mm(H)
Blackbody weight 215mm(L) × Φ150mm


Mechanical drawings