Product introduction:

         PX4040B is a new generation of refrigeration camera of PixelX, which is assembled with 4K x 4K scientific CMOS image sensor with high resolution of 16.9 megapixels. Using multi-channel readout technology, the image output frame rate can reach more than 10fps, and the ultra-low readout noise of 3.7 electrons can be achieved. The unique performance of PX4040B scientific CMOS camera makes it very suitable for low earth orbit target observation, high-energy time-domain astronomy, wavefront sensor and other fields. In addition, PX4040B is assembled with air cooling and water cooling, which has excellent low-temperature refrigeration performance. The function of external GPS can accurately record each exposure time of the camera and provide accurate time scale for subsequent data processing.

Related characteristics:        

              1. The typical size is 36.6684 (W) x 36.684 (H)

              2. The effective pixel is 4096 x 4096

              3. The pixel size is 9 μ m x 9 μ m

              4. Readout characteristics: readout speed is higher than 20fps, readout noise is lower than 3.7e-

              5. Refrigeration performance: the refrigeration temperature is above 40 ° C lower than the ambient temperature

              6. Size: 215mm (L) × Φ 150mm

Technical parameters

Camera category  Scientific CMOS
Typical size 36.864(W) × 36.864(H)
Effective pixel area 4096 x 4096
Pixel size 9μm × 9μm
Full well capacity >74Ke-
Quantum efficiency




Readout speed >10fps @ 1x1 HDR
Readout noise 3.7e- (typical)
Dark current <0.2e-/pixel/s (@-20℃)
Camera power consumption 6.1W (TEC is not turned on),  40W (TEC is turned on)
Data interaction interface USB 3.0、Optical fiber interface(Optional)
Cooling capacity Above 40 ℃ lower than ambient temperature
Working temperature (industrial grade) -20℃ ~ +40℃
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling and water cooling
Camera size 215mm(L) × Φ150mm
Camera weight 2.94Kg
Operating system Windows、Linux
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