Product introduction:

      PXE231 camera  is assembled with a large area scientific CCD sensor with 4K x 4K pixels, with a pixel size of 15 μm and a back illuminated structure. The quantum efficiency is more than 90% (500nm-650nm band). At the same time, a deep depletion CCD is available, with a peak QE of more than 95%. It has four readout channels. The readout noise is less than 5e- at 100kHz and less than 9e- at 500KHz. The camera adopts vacuum sealing technology, with double cooling of air cooling and water cooling, which can achieve deep cooling with temperature difference of 75 ℃, and has extremely low readout noise and dark current noise. Applications include: Astronomical optical band imaging, particle physics imaging, etc.

Related characteristics:     

               1. Size 285mm (L) x Φ 165mm, 4K x 4K pixels

               2. Suitable for low temperature environment

               3. Deep depletion CCD can be used to enhance quantum efficiency

               4. Gain adjustable, high precision and high capacity mode

               5. Miniaturization and practicability

               6. Supporting software system

Technical parameters

Camera category  Scientific CCD
Typical size 61.44(H) × 61.44(V)
Effective pixel area 4096(H) × 4096(V)
Pixel size 15µm × 15µm
Full well capacity 350Ke-
Quantum efficiency



Readout speed 100KHz、500KHz
Readout noise < 5e- @100KHz; < 9e- @500KHz
Dark current 3 e-/pixel/hr @-100℃
Data interaction interface USB3.0
Cooling capacity

There is a temperature difference of 60 ℃ from the ambient temperature @ air cooling;

75 ℃ difference from ambient temperature @ water cooling

Working temperature -40℃ ~ +40℃
Packaging technology Vacuum seal
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling and water cooling
Camera size 285mm(L) × Φ165mm
other Multiple readout modes
Operating system Windows、Linux
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